Unearthing Glenorchy’s stories

THE Glenorchy City Council has teamed up with the Moonah Arts Centre (MAC) to bring together amazing stories of people and place for this year’s National Trust Tasmanian Heritage Festival.

From 2 – 20 May, the MAC foyer will display a series of diverse stories recorded in video and audio form.

These stories have been collected through multiple Glenorchy Arts and Culture projects over the years including ‘Mountains, Mud & Migrants’.

A project that explores the stories of West Moonah and Springfield, Mountains Mud & Migrants delves into the failed “Garden City” development of the 1900s and the influx of post-war migrants who built their homes among the mud of the botched subdivision.

It depicts the tenacity and commitment of a community to their home and suburb as they fought for their right to basic services that the rest of Hobart enjoyed.

Stories from artist Anita Bacic’s ‘Rediscovering Springfield’ will also be showcased, highlighting the post-war migrant experience in adjusting to life in the suburbs of Springfield and Moonah.

‘Digital Mantelpiece’ will present a series of video stories in which people discuss the significance of certain objects that are important in their life.

Smile, laugh and be moved by the stories behind objects, sometimes from the everyday, other times from the more exotic.

In collaboration with the Story Island project, ‘Stories from the Brooker’ will also feature in the exhibition, shining the spotlight on a place that many locals encounter every day – the Brooker Highway.

For more information about Heritage Festival events, visit www.nationaltrust.org.au/ahf/tas.

Caption: An image from ‘Mountains, Mud and Migrants’, which explores the stories of West Moonah and Springfield.

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