Tree-mendous – – how urban trees work hard for Glenorchy

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THERE are more than 10,000 non-human members of the Glenorchy community who work for us each day.

They are not the type to usually talk about it – they are the urban trees.

Trees make our cities much more appealing.

A city without trees can look bare and harsh.

Trees add colour, shape and soften the effect of walls and hard surfaces.

Trees don’t just stand around looking beautiful though, they provide a handy buffer to urban noise and cool city streets.

Extreme weather can really impact on people’s health, especially the elderly, young children or people with existing health issues.

Hospitals treat more patients on very hot days than they normally would.

Trees cool hard surfaces by shading, but also cool the air by releasing water vapour from their leaves.

In Winter, if they lose their leaves, they let the sunlight in when we want it most.

Urban trees can also provide benefits for mental and physical health.

People are more likely to exercise in inviting, green areas which can reduce the risk of some health conditions.

Trees also help people feel calm and relaxed.

They have even been linked with less crime, perhaps because they help reduce feelings of aggression.

One of nature’s best multitaskers, trees purify the air, provide food and shelter to wildlife, and even have capacity to reduce flooding and remove pollutants from stormwater before it reaches rivers and seas.

It’s true that trees can sometimes have effects people don’t like so much.

They can drop leaves and twigs which can be messy and slippery.

Tree roots can get into weak spots in pipes and cause blockages.

In severe weather conditions they can drop branches or even get blown over.

However, all of these risks and ‘nuisance factors’ can be reduced to a large extent by proper management.

Well managed trees provide more benefits with few disadvantages.

Later this year, Glenorchy City Council will develop a 10-year strategy for managing the trees on council land.

They will ask the community for input to help guide the strategy.

Details of the consultation will be on

For more information, contact the projects officer (corporate services and infrastructure) on 6216 6800 or email

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