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A new community project has been launched to update and upgrade the tired and ageing facilities at the Ten Lives Cat Centre.

Tradies for Tabbies is a fantastic initiative from Master Builders Tasmania who have decided, very generously, to encourage their members to volunteer on the project. “It’s so incredible to have companies who put their resources on the line for a project like this, and it’s something that I’ve enjoyed over the years – bringing people together and doing some amazing community projects,” Ten Lives Ambassador Dave Noonan said.

“Hopefully Tradies for Tabbies is something that goes on for years, because there will be a never- ending list of things that need to be done here at Ten Lives!”

Master Builders Tasmania CEO Matthew Pollock said the project was about the construction industry giving back to the community and supporting the great work the Ten Lives Cat Centre does.

“We hope to encourage more Master Builders members and other participants in the construction industry to come and help out and support this great work,” he said.

Lyden Builders were the first to put their hand up to join the community project.

“Dave rings up and we respond – he’s very good at organising these sorts of things!” Lyden Builders director Andrew Lyden said.

“It’s always important to try to find a bit of time to put aside for the betterment of the community. It’s very important for us.”

Howrah Plumbing are another local company who have gotten on board early.

“This is a unique situation where you have got to fix one part of the building to get to the next part of the building,” Cath McDowell from Howrah Plumbing said.

“I thought it was a good project to be involved in and a good way to give back to the community.”

Ten Lives is amazed at the response to the project and the support received so far from Master Builders Tasmania, Lyden Builders, Howrah Plumbing and Parr’s Heat Pump Centre.

“We’ve been overwhelmed by the generosity of the people who have stepped up to support the vital work that we have to do,” Ten Lives manager Noel Hunt said.

“It’s really excellent that people have come on board to support us. Whether it’s as little as one hour to help put a shelf up, or something more substantial, every little bit helps.

“This project is just fantastic and is making a big difference for Ten Lives – the work that we do with cats, but also the work we do with the environment and in the community.”

Ten Lives Cat Centre is a self-funded animal charity that relies on donations and volunteers to care for and rehome the unwanted cats and kittens of Tasmania.

See how you can get involved:

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