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By Jared Khu

YMCA Wellness Centre

THE breeze blew gently in their faces as the group came to the end of their walk. 

A Labrador pup was playing fetch with its owner a few metres away.

One lady in the group looks up and says, “pool on Tuesday, same time?” 

“Of course,” came the enthusiastic chorus from the rest of the group. 

What a life.

Every week, a visit to the pool, a park, a gym, and a relaxing craft class, all with a group of friends.

A retirement dream? No. Just a normal week with Karadi. 

For those that are not aware, Karadi Aboriginal Corporation is an inclusive Aboriginal community controlled organisation that provides community leadership and services in the Derwent catchment.

It assists individuals and families to achieve a strong cultural identity, good health, and a high quality of life. 

Based in Goodwood and operating Monday to Friday, Karadi organises group activities that anyone in the community can take part in. 

These group activities are yielding some amazing health benefits. 

One testimony to a dramatic and positive change in health is a lady called Margaret, now 70 years old, who is part of a Karadi group that visit the Salim Sultan YMCA Wellness Centre at Barossa Park every Tuesday. 

Three years ago, after the loss of her mother, Margaret tended to sit at home alone. 

She was overweight and had a host of health problems, including a quite debilitating respiratory condition, as well as arthritis.

She found it hard just to get up and walk.

Then her friends convinced her to come out and get active with Karadi. 

Although she was petrified of water, Margaret took the plunge and took swim lessons at the Salim Sultan YMCA Wellness Centre. 

Now Margaret is happy to get into the pool and swim like a fish with her friends for half an hour or more each Tuesday.

She also takes part in other exercise activities that are organised by Karadi. 

Since first taking part in the Karadi organised group activities, Margaret said her health had improved dramatically. 

“I only get about half the chest infections I used to get every year and swimming has helped me a lot,” she said.

“Karadi has been a lifesaver – I get to go out and meet new people and make new friends.” 

Margaret said swimming with a group like Karadi had not only improved her health, but keeping up the group exercise had also opened up her social circle.   

So, is exercising in a group really that good for you? 

According to several research articles in journals, yes, it is.   

The benefits range from increased weight loss to being more committed to keeping up a healthy lifestyle. 

So, if you are wanting some motivation to get out and exercise in the new year, its better together.

Get out, join a group and go for it.

Caption: Margaret, left, and her friend Kylie at the Salim Sultan YMCA Wellness Centre after a Tuesday afternoon swim.

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