Thinking beyond stress as a state of being

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By Jo Cordell-Cooper*


RECENTLY, I’ve been running a few free seminars on the role of stress, auto-immune conditions, and living your best life.

There’re more than 100 auto-immune conditions, which are essentially a group of symptoms that are present in enough people to create a medical category.

One of my key roles as a holistic personal trainer is to educate people about the nature of stress and get them thinking beyond stress being a state of being over scheduled, financial stress, relationship issues or having unrealistic work deadlines.


At my most recent seminar, we did a brainstorm of many additional stressors, including:

  • Illness and/or injury.
  • Poor rest and recover.
  • Muscular skeletal issues – scoliosis/poor posture/degeneration such as arthritis.
  • Too much/not enough food or following fad diets.
  • Trauma.
  • Toxins.
  • ‘SAD CRAP’ food (Standard Australian Diet – Carbohydrates – Refine, Artificial or Processed).
  • Too much/not enough exercise or not enough time for muscle recovery.
  • Sleep deprivation.
  • Hormones.
  • Medications (they are meant to heal, but they may also have negative side effects).
  • Grief.
  • Auto-immune conditions.

Over the one-hour session we determined that we needed to establish the causes of the stressors in our lives and work out which ones we could most easily address and reduce.

Sometimes the simplest lifestyle changes can bring about improvements to our health.

An important point I felt needed to be made was to address as many lifestyle factors as possible.

Stress feeds auto-immune conditions and can worsen symptoms, and often clients seek my assistance to help them reduce the lifestyle issues that might be fuelling their high level of fatigue or pain.

Medication may be needed, but mostly when clients come my way there is much that can be changed to live better.

Making changes to one’s lifestyle is easy for some, and very difficult for others.

We looked at some very simple ways of moving, called “working in” (as opposed to working out).

Working in is gentle movement with a focus on low and steady breathing that can address four lifestyle issues – muscular skeletal pain, under exercising or over exercising, while quietening the mind aiding rest and recovery.

A copy of the seminar handout can be downloaded in my Facebook group, Holistic Personal Training, in the files section.

Additional free seminars will be on offer soon.

If this is of interest, contact Jo Cordell-Cooper on 0409 862 206 or email


*Jo Cordell-Cooper runs the award-winning business Jo CC Holistic PT that focuses on people whose needs are not met by a mainstream approach.

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