The exercise habit

By Jo Elliott (B.App.Sci)

IT can often be a little daunting when starting something new.

Exercise, like so many other pursuits, certainly fits into this category. Yet it needn’t.

If we treat it like any other regime, which we know will be beneficial in the long term, we just need to ease into a habit, which over time becomes part of our normal routine.

Easier said than done, of course.

But, like anything in life we do, we need to decide a few things before we start.

It has been repeatedly scientifically proven that exercise has a multitude of benefits, irrespective of age – memory, agility, balance, strength.

What form of exercise do you think you’d enjoy? What facilities are available in your area? Are the class times convenient?

Then start looking at classes.

Most professional exercise instructors are more than happy for you to just go in and have a look.

Look at the space, the level and clarity of instruction and the attention to detail. Ask questions.

We want you to join us, so are more than happy for you to ask questions.

Speak to some of the current members, ask how long they have been participating, their level of progression and what the classes are like.

All of this information gives you a better understanding of what is right for you.

Once here, the fun begins.

All exercise, no matter what age or capacity, must start slowly and progress consistently until reaching a level where you and the instructor are both confident of moving to new exercises.

Consistency is the key.

Turning up “once every blue moon” just doesn’t cut it. Sorry.

It’s got to be a habit for it to work and in order to get to that stage it must be enjoyable.

At the Clarence PCYC, the Seniors Weight Training Class uses a mixture of different exercise regimes to attain all of our goals while having a lot of fun.

Come along or visit your local PCYC and see what is on offer. You’ll be surprised at the variety.

Regular exercise is a habit worth having.

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