Taste of the market for business-savvy teens

A NEWLY revamped canteen and an insight into the intricate world of business were recently on the menu at Cosgrove High School.

The new canteen, which was fully designed, marketed and now run by a team of business-savvy year 10 students, features a colourful paint job, a custom-designed logo and a revised menu that contains a number of affordable “meal deals”.

The project was brought to fruition as part of the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics’ ‘Business Enterprise Development for Schools’ program, which saw the students paired with Elizabeth College business studies students to design, market and produce a business plan.

Cosgrove High School student Tyler Wadley, grade 10, said the business team settled on the idea of revamping the canteen after conducting a number of school surveys.

“The canteen had been the same for quite a few years and it was a space that needed to be looked at and changed,” he said.

“So, over a couple of months we all came together, set goals, decided what would go into the new canteen, how it would make a profit and what would work best for the school.

“It was a challenge to try and do something that everyone wanted, but I think the new canteen has been a positive change and everyone is liking it so far.”

Cosgrove High School assistant principal Justin Orr said that although a new canteen wasn’t the first idea, it was “by far” the best idea.

“This school enterprise program was a great opportunity to inject fresh energy into the canteen and make something new happen,” he said.

“The canteen now has momentum, it feels better and students are spending money and engaging in the new area.”

Throughout the three-month process, the students sought guidance from Tasmanian School of Business and Economics lecturer, Anja Boot.

Ms Boot said the students enjoyed taking a lead role in the project by talking to their peers about their views and testing out new ideas.

“I think they really engaged with the process because having a new and improved canteen was a direct outcome for them,” she said.

“My greatest hope is that they take away from this experience the value of what you can learn in a process like this, such as being flexible, the importance of doing research and making good decisions.

“The canteen truly looks amazing and it is only just the start of an ongoing transformation.”

Caption: Tasmanian School of Business and Economics lecturer Anja Boot with Cosgrove High School students, back row, from left, Tyler Wadley, Matt Richardson, Bowen Quick and Josie Gornasson, and front row, Zac Triffett and Erin Simmons, in the newly revamped school canteen.

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