Tasmanian child restraint DVD timely reminder

AROUND 80 per cent of vehicle child restraints are fitted incorrectly, the RACT says.

It is a key reason why the organisation has officially launched an educational DVD for parents, grandparents and professionals who work with young families that demonstrates the correct way to install a child restraint.

The DVD, officially launched in the maternity ward of the Hobart Private Hospital which will use it in ante-natal classes as an educational resource, highlights common mistakes made when fitting a child restraint in a vehicle.

The DVD was developed given alarming statistics about the incorrect use (and in some cases non-use) of child restraints in Tasmania.

RACT Motoring Services Manager Peter Gillon said the DVD’s production formed part of its commitment to road safety awareness.

“The RACT has initiated a Champion Advocacy Project: Reducing Restraint Risk in Tasmania,” he said.

“One of the actions was to produce a DVD that is available as an educational resource to better educate the general public.”

Hobart Private Hospital general manager John Amery said babies and children were the community’s most important asset.

“We are very pleased to see that an organisation like the RACT is taking the matter so seriously, and are very pleased to align our hospital with the DVD and its child and infant safety messages,” he said.

“We believe the DVD will be a very valuable tool for parents.”

Mr Gillon said the DVD was designed to increase awareness about the important issue, educate and provide practical help to protect the lives of youngsters in cars – something that no parent or grandparent should ever take for granted.

“The RACT understands that many parents/grandparents find installing a child restraint confusing,” he said.

“The DVD was designed to increase awareness, educate and provide practical help to protect the lives of youngsters in cars.

“The best possible outcome would be a dramatic improvement in the correct installation and usage of child car restraints.

“A correctly fitted child restraint is vital for the safety of children.”

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