Supporting biodiversity in the northern suburbs

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EXPANDING on its current initiatives and learning more about the local reserve is the focus of 2020 for the Lutana Woodlands Group.

The Lutana Woodlands Group was established in 2018 by the Glenorchy City Council after a handful of local residents expressed a desire to see the native flora protected and invasive weeds better managed in their local reserve.

The group, supported by Council, has worked hard over the past year, undertaking several weeding working bees to remove gorse and boneseed, as well as planted 100 native shrubs and trees, and removed three cubic metres of rubbish from the Lutana Woodlands Reserve.

Now the group is planning to expand on these initiatives with a new focus on learning more about the woodland’s ecology and biodiversity values.

Lutana Woodlands Group conveyer Letitia Lamb said the group’s aim was to support and enhance the health of the woodland habitat.

She said in order to do this, they first needed to better understand the types of creatures found in the area.

“As we witness this summer unfold with the bushfires on the mainland causing a catastrophic loss of wildlife, it seems even more important than ever to identify and record what insects, birds and other wildlife use the woodlands,” she said.

The group’s first activity for the year will be an ‘Insect Walk and Talk’ with science communicator and insect expert Shasta Henry this month.

Later this year, the group has planned other volunteer activities including bird surveys, tree plantings and weed removal.

Anyone with an interest in learning about the biodiversity that exists in the northern suburbs or is keen to get involved in environmental projects at Lutana Woodlands is welcome to join.

The Insect Walk and Talk is a free event being held at Lutana Woodlands Reserve at 2pm on Sunday 9 February.

For more information, visit or phone Council’s environment section on 6216 6800.

Caption: Volunteers from the Lutana Woodlands Group helping to protect biodiversity in their local reserve.

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