Students on the path to better health

AUSTINS Ferry and Bowen Road primary school students are on the path to better health following the launch of two new “Active Paths” in the Glenorchy municipality.

The paths, which were mapped as part of the Bicycle Network’s Ride2School program, identify the safest and easiest routes to school.

The Active Paths project started with workshops at the schools, with students, parents and teachers working together to ensure hazards, ideal routes and safety messaging were relayed and paths would be successfully embraced by the school community.

It culminated with mapped routes of the most common and safest routes to school, indicated by route-finding decals along the way.

Speaking about the recent launch of the initiative at Austins Ferry and Bowen Road primary schools, Ride2school coordinator for Tasmania Phil Joughin said:

“It was great to see so many students plan to walk to school on the day and many who didn’t meet at the start points joined at their most convenient point along the path.

“Assistant principal Barbara Dwyer, from Bowen Road Primary, has been a champion of active and safe travel for the school and we are happy to be enhancing the already great work the school has achieved.

“The walking bus, which runs weekly, is a huge success and we look forward to seeing many more students out on their daily trip to school, staying healthy and more aware of their safety on shared paths and near roads and crossing points.”

Austins Ferry teacher Aaron Guillamse has been championing the cause at his school, which celebrated the launch with parents and students exploring the path network together.

Glenorchy Mayor Kristie Johnston accompanied students from both schools on their walks to school.

Eight-four schools in Tasmania have registered as part of the Ride2School program.

The program is aslo supported by RACT, which has engaged Ride2School to implement further paths in Tasmania.

Caption: Glenorchy Mayor Kristie Johnston, left, with teachers, parent and students at the launch of Bowen Road Primary School’s Active Paths program.


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