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HARDWORKING married couple Ged and Paula Lagerewskij have been amazed with the support from the community since opening the Tasmania Military Museum in Glenorchy late last year.

After retiring from the Australian Army, museum founder and director Ged Lagerewskij has dedicated the past six years to creating a unique perspective on Tasmania’s military history.

“I was in the army for 18 years, but unfortunately I had an injury and had to get out,” Mr Lagerewskij said.

“So, I had to think of life after the army and because I love all things military, I thought I would do the museum.

“It is a product of my personal experience – it was built by me, every display was done by me, the research is by me, so this is very much a military history according to Ged Lagerewskij.”

Offering a wide range of exhibits, Mr Lagerewskij said he aimed for the Museum to help raise awareness and encourage conversation within the community on military matters.

“In Tassie, there is not a big military presence, so the community doesn’t talk about military or defence issues much,” he said.

“Australia has been at war for a long time now, but people aren’t necessarily comfortable talking about it.

“They don’t really understand why we’re at war at the moment or where we are or what we’re doing, and to me that’s a bit perplexing.

“What I wanted to do was build upon the knowledge that people get from schools and the media, and add perspectives, information and angles that people may not have been aware of.”

Exhibits on display include the History of Australian Military Uniforms and Equipment, Women at War, Animals at War, the 9/11 room, and the Friend or Foe? gallery, which examines the relationships Australia has had with other nations.

The museum also caters to the younger generation through quizzes, models and interactive experiences such as the First World War Trench Walk Experience.

Mr Lagerewskij said the response from the community had been fantastic and hoped to continue to make the experience better for everyone.

“I’d like to see the awareness grow, and then after that I’d like the develop relationships with veterans, schools and disability groups, and build experiences for them,” he said.

The Tasmania Military Museum is located at 295 Main Road, Glenorchy and is open Friday to Sunday from 10am-5pm.

For more information, phone Ged Lagerewskij on 0405 147 210 or visit the Tasmania Military Museum Facebook page.

Caption: Tasmania Military Museum founder and director Ged Lagerewskij.

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