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HEARING loss shouldn’t stand in the way of doing what you love.

Sometimes we stop doing things we used to enjoy because we cannot hear and it can become common for us to avoid social situations because of hearing loss.

Australian Hearing Glenorchy manager Edgar Rincon said research revealed that many people unfortunately delayed seeking help when their hearing started to decline.

He said this was often for many years, which meant when it came time for wearing hearing aids, adjusting could take time.

“The delay in doing something about hearing loss means many common sounds have not been heard for some time and we slowly get used to not hearing a range of sounds,” he said.

“It takes time for the brain to readjust to these and the longer the wait, the longer the readjustment time.

“But many people who start their journey with hearing aids give up early in the process, discouraged during the important adjustment period when the brain acclimatises to the new sounds it is hearing.

“Some stash their hearing aids in a drawer, either because they are overwhelmed by too much noise or there is not enough amplification for certain sounds.”

Mr Rincon said hearing aids needed to be worn consistently to be effective.

He said working with a hearing specialist involved committing to wearing the aids at least in the short term to find out what was working well and what could be improved.

“Hearing specialists need the feedback to know which sounds to adjust and it can be a to and fro process to get the correct settings,” he said.

“We all have different goals for our hearing.

“Hearing the grandchildren, being able to hear at church or group meetings, hearing clearly at a restaurant or café, having the television at a sensible volume, using the phone with confidence – these are all typical hearing goals.

“Keeping note of all the sounds that are working well and those that are not, especially the sounds related to your original hearing goals, will help you audiologist find a solution that suits your needs.

“Have a regular schedule of appointments with your hearing specialist to keep your aids in tip top shape.

“Our highly specialised skills in adjusting hearing aids means that we can match your individual lifestyle goals.

“Treating your hearing loss will allow you to get back to communicating with friends and family as normal.

“Our audiologists can help you find a solution that suits your everyday needs, so it can be tailored to your job, hobbies or lifestyle.”

Australian Hearing’s audiologists can help with all of your concerns and can fit a hearing aid prescription to give the most comfortable, effective and discreet option.

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