Stay hearing fit

YOU go to the gym to keep strong, fit and healthy, so why neglect your ears?

As we get older, it is important to stay at our physical and mental best.

We rely heavily on hearing whether it be socialising with friends and family or relaxing in front of the television.

Australian Hearing Glenorchy has been a fixture at Northgate since the shopping centre opened in 2009, helping the local community enjoy a healthy lifestyle by hearing well and staying in touch with the life and people you love.

The longer you wait about your hearing, the more you miss.

Perhaps you ask people to repeat themselves or you avoid loud social situations.

Do not allow poor hearing to get in the way of living fully.

In Australia, one in six people have hearing loss and this rate doubles for those over the age of 60.

However, on average, most people wait seven years before seeking help.

People with hearing loss may experience tinnitus, known as a ringing sensation in the ears.

Other key signs include difficulty hearing people on the phone and asking others to repeat themselves

“We want to help every Australian make hearing a priority for healthy living by including regular hearing checks as part of your health routine,” Australian Hearing Glenorchy manager Edgar Rincon said.

Australian Hearing has been helping people hear since 1947, when it first started to provide services to veterans who suffered hearing damage during World War II, as well as to children whose hearing was affected due to the rubella epidemic of the late 1940s.

With 70 years’ experience supporting people to hear again, Australian Hearing is Australia’s leading hearing specialist, researcher and largest provider of government-funded hearing services to eligible people including pensioners, veterans and children under the age of 26.

“A hearing check is a quick and easy way to measure the sounds you can and can’t hear,” Mr Rincon said.

“Our team will also be on hand to guide you through what next steps you may have to take in regards to your hearing.”

To book your hearing check, drop into the Australian Hearing Glenorchy Centre, located on Main Road, phone 6271 9400 or visit

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