Statewide animal transport rescue helps animals most in need

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RSPCA Tasmania has unveiled an animal rescue transport service designed to rove the state and rescue, rehabilitate and rehome stray and abandoned animals across Tasmania.

RSPCA Tasmania chief executive officer Dr Andrew Byrne said the Animal Rescue Van was specially fitted out to travel anywhere in the state there was an animal in need of assistance or protection, and to safely and comfortably transport them to the current central care centre located in Spreyton.

“The RSPCA Tasmania Animal Rescue Van is fitted out with purpose-built cages to allow the transport of all types of small domestic animals within a safe and climate-controlled pen,” he said.

“The Animal Rescue Van is the next vital step in our transition to a centralised Tasmanian care centre which allows us to maximise RSPCA Tasmania’s capacity to care for the state’s most in need animals.

“Having this bespoke transport option allows us to work directly with our inspectors to identify an animal in need anywhere across the state and ensure they are transported in a safe and efficient manner to our Spreyton facility.

“Our Spreyton facility is currently acting as our central care facility while a suitable location is identified to support our new vision to become a reality.

“In finding a conveniently located animal care facility, we will be able to consolidate our services, including our shelter, veterinary and animal welfare services, allowing us to maximise our impact while providing the very best care for animals in need across the state.”

Dr Byrne also put the call out to Tasmanians interested in becoming a volunteer rescue driver for the Animal Rescue Van.

“We are looking for Tasmanians interested in putting their hand up to become a volunteer driver and help out at the coalface of animal welfare services,” Dr Byrne said.

“Van volunteers are not required to handle animals, with RSPCA inspectors meeting the volunteer to provide a briefing on the temperament of the animal and any special considerations and to safely help the animal into the van’s specially designed carriers.

“When animals are ready for adoption, the Animal Rescue Van will also be used to transport them to our new Invermay Adoption Centre to help them find their forever home.”

The RSPCA Tasmania Animal Rescue Van was purchased through a grant provided by The Jelley Family Foundation.

Caption: From left, RSPCA Tasmania chief inspector Lisa Edwards and RSPCA Tasmania chief executive officer Andrew Byrne with the new Animal Rescue Van, alongside dog Misha.

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