Seasons for growth

CANCER Council Tasmania is offering a new education program aimed at recognising the loss and change faced by children bereaved by cancer.

Delivered in small groups, the “Seasons for Growth” program is facilitated by a trained companion who is a member of the Cancer Council support team.

Cancer Council Tasmania chief executive officer Penny Egan said the program was based on research that highlighted the importance of social support and the need to practice new skills to cope effectively with change and loss.

“The core intentions of the program are the development of resilience and emotional literacy to promote social and emotional wellbeing,” she said.

“Seasons for Growth helps children manage significant changes in their lives in a peer support environment.

“They realise they are not alone in their experiences, and they can lean from others as well as share their experiences in a confidential, supportive environment.”

Mrs Egan said the program focused on issues such as self-esteem, managing feelings, problem solving, decision-making, effective communication and support networks.

“The program will be for children aged nine to 12-years who have had a parent, sister or brother, grandparent or close friend die from cancer,” she said.

Seasons for Growth will start on Wednesday 1 March from 4-5.30pm and run for five weeks at the Child and Family Centre, 4 Bethune Street, Chigwell. Numbers are limited.

For more information, phone Cancer Council Tasmania on 6169 1900.

The program has received grant funding from Calvary Health Care Tasmania.

Caption: Cancer Council director, cancer prevention and support services, Raylene Cox, left, and senior support officer Karen Rogers are advocates for the Seasons of Growth program, which is being run by Cancer Council Tasmania to assist children affected by loss of family members through cancer.

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