Ringing the bell on a new school year

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YEAR seven to 10 students at Dominic College rang in the 2019 school year with a new Salesian tradition called ‘Ringing In’.

After visiting Adelaide for the Salesian Captains Conference, Dominic College captains Lachlan Rowlands and Maddison Cockerill learned of the Salesian school tradition of forming a guard of honour for new year seven students on their first day of secondary school.

They decided to bring the idea back to Tasmania.

“The notion of the guard of honour helps all our students recognise the importance of year seven and genuinely provided a way we could be really welcoming to our year seven students,” Lachlan said.

“It reinforces for them a recognition of the new responsibilities they take up at Dominic and reminds students they are a part of a bigger story.”

The inaugural Ringing In ceremony saw the new students led through an honour guard.

The college captains and vice captains, who carried the college flag, rang the three historic bells as a way of signifying the entry of year seven students into high school.

“As the line of new students proceeded through the guard of honour, students and teachers clapped and cheered, making the year sevens feel welcome and a special part of the Dominic College community,” Lachlan said.

The bells were originally used in the 1950s and 1960s to signify the beginning and end of the school day, as well as recess and lunch, making them an important part of Dominic College’s history.

Dominic College principal Beth Gilligan said the guard of honour and Ringing In was set to become a new tradition that would continue into the future.

“Ensuring students access and participate in a diverse range of community rituals greatly enhances their sense of belonging in a community,” she said.

“Grade seven is a momentous time in the life of a student.

“Our student leaders wanted to create a ritual to mark this special time in their lives and wish them well as they navigate the challenges and demands of secondary education.”

Caption: Dominic College Captains ‘Ringing In’ 2019 by welcoming the new year seven students.


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