Riding the “Forever Fierce” revolution

WHAT does it mean to be fierce at midlife?

This is a question that Wendy Hodge, of Lutana, is presenting to Tasmanian middle-aged women in celebration of International Forever Fierce Day and a global online campaign challenging the negative perceptions of midlife.

The online campaign, known as the Forever Fierce Revolution, brings women together virtually and seeks to show them that ageing isn’t something to fear, but rather something to embrace.

It provides inspiring role models to the public, media and brands of women who defy the current conceptions of midlife.

The online campaign is part of a larger movement created by Catherine O’Connell, who says the current perceptions of women at midlife and beyond were no longer a match for reality.

“A revolution has begun and midlife women are rising,” Ms O’Connell said.

“Our women of influence are selected as they epitomise empowered women who are placing a vibrant new frame around their demographic – that midlife is cool.”

Ms Hodge, who is a certified health coach and founder of Wendy’s Way to Health and The Healthy Normal Revolution, was selected to represent Tasmania in the campaign as a regional woman of influence.

Ms Hodge said she has been involved with the Forever Fierce Revolution since its inception in early 2017.

“It is a commonly held perception that once you hit 50, you are considered old and no longer have anything to look forward to or contribute,” she said.

“This is particularly reflected in clothing and beauty brands that only market to a younger demographic and often forget about older women.

“But women these days are more active, we’re living longer and we’re still very much interested in beauty and fashion.”

Ms Hodge said that for her, being fierce at midlife was about finding her voice.

“For most of my life I have been quiet, shy and retiring – I never put myself out there like I am currently doing with my business,” she said.

“But now I am finding my voice and standing up for what I believe in and think is important.

“I think I’m so passionate about this movement because it ties in so well with what I do for a living – helping women to be their best selves, both physically and mentally, and self-image and body positivity play a big part in that.

“This movement is bringing together a community of women who are sharing, supporting and learning from each other.

“Midlife women don’t want to feel invisible any longer. It’s our time to shine and be noticed.”

For more information about the Forever Fierce Revolution, visit https://catherinegraceo.com/forever-fierce-day.

For more information about Wendy’s Way, visit https://wendyswaytohealth.com or https://wendyswaymembers.com.

Caption: Lutana resident Wendy Hodge has been selected as a “woman of influence” in the Forever Fierce Revolution.


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