Restoring furniture and positivity

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SHABBY neglected garden furniture is not the only thing being restored at the Rosetta Men’s Shed, with the members’ wellbeing also been given a boost during renovations at the establishment.

The Men’s Shed group has been around for many years and includes residents from Uniting AgeWell Rosetta Community Strahaven and Strathglen, who are now back in business following the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Tasmania.

A five strong team of Wayne, Fred, Michael, Michael and Kelvin, supported by Uniting AgeWell chaplain Richard Randall and coordinator Mark Fleming have been sanding and painting in a shed on the Strathaven premises.

They have already built raised wooden flower beds and brought a shabby bookcase back to life.

Graham is due to join the team soon.

Mr Randall, who describes himself as the designated tea maker who checks everyone is doing okay, said the men had benefited hugely by being able to socialise over a shared interest, especially during isolation when they were unable to see their families.

Strathaven community leisure and lifestyle coordinator Lina Sierra said the restoration projects had given the men a sense of pride and purpose.

“There’s great joy and satisfaction in taking a shabby, unloved piece of furniture and restoring it into something that is beautiful,” she said.

“Many men find it easy to bond and communicate while working shoulder to shoulder – with appropriate distancing, of course.”

A plaque acknowledging their work will be placed alongside the restored cast-iron chairs at the front entrance of Strathaven, where residents sit while waiting for taxis or for their families to pick them up to go on outings.

For more information about Uniting AgeWell’s services and facilities in Tasmania, phone 6208 3208.

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