Recognising community champions

Support workers like occupational therapist Savannah Boyd and community nurse Tess Bonde rarely get the recognition they deserve.

But thanks to an exhibit at the Moonah Arts Centre 12 community champions – including Savannah and Tess – have been celebrated for the life-changing effects of their work.

“I find a lot of purpose and satisfaction in my work and I want to share this with others and demonstrate the meaningful support we provide,” Ms Boyd said.

“The work can often be challenging, but when a client has a breakthrough, which can be as simple as a child learning to draw a circle, there is an immense wave of satisfaction that pours over yourself, them and their family.”

“This is such an exciting project to be a part of. To have the opportunity to champion an area I am so passionate about and potentially inspire someone else to consider a career in support work is amazing,” Ms Bonde said.

“It really is an amazing feeling when you witness someone experience a positive outcome from your work.

“When they manage to heal their wounds and reinvigorate their lives, there’s no better feeling.”

The exhibition honoured the essential work of more than 28,000 workers and 46,000 volunteers in Tasmania’s community services industry.

The exhibition formed part of the Work with Purpose initiative, which aims to attract people to work in aged care, disability, education, childcare and social services by highlighting the purpose-led work these sectors offer.

Worksforce coalition co-chair Lee Veitch said with the increased demand for community services in Tasmania, the industry required a significant amount of new jobs.

“As a community, we need to ensure the community services industry continues to have the necessary skilled workforce so all Tasmanians can receive support and live a good life,” Ms Veitch said.

To find out more about the Work with Purpose campaign and read about the 12 community support champions visit

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Simon is a passionate journalist and finds joy in uncovering and sharing locally resonant stories, immersing himself in the hearts of communities. He can often be spotted out and about sourcing grassroots news for the Hobart Observer and its sister papers.

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