Rechargeable hearing aids reimagined

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ARE you a hearing aid wearer still fiddling with your hearing aids’ batteries?

An aged old problem with hearing devices is fumbling with tiny hearing aid batteries that fall onto the carpet, never to be seen again.

“Rechargeable hearing aids are not new, but as with any new technological developments, it takes a few years for the engineers to get it practical for the end user,” Ability Hearing and Balance director Nick Modrovich said.

“Unlike first generation rechargeable devices, the charge is now long lasting, which means your hearing aids won’t cut out at those important afternoon meetings.”

Advances in charger technology has meant that portable charging is now possible without having to plug the charger into the wall.

“The major bonus for us, as audiologists, who have seen older clients struggle to see and put tiny batteries into their hearing aids, is that this step is no longer required,” Mr Modrovich said.

“Clients suffering from arthritis can now easily manage their hearing aids.

“It is just another step in keeping our sense of independence as we get older.”

The Starkey Livio Edge AI hearing aid utilises a lithium-ion (Li-lon) battery – the same type of battery that is used in many consumer electronics like mobile phones, tablets, and headphones.

“This has been around for a while and most people are comfortable with how rechargeable devices work,” Mr Modrovich said.

“It is great that we are not able to use the same tried and tested technology in hearing aids.”

The Li-lon battery was chosen because it provided a full day’s charge even if your hearing aids were streaming from your phone or tablet.

The battery lasts for the life of your hearing aids, giving you the confidence that your hearing aids will go the distance.

Ability Hearing and Balance offers hearing tests and hearing aid fittings for private and government patients.

You can test the latest Starkey Livio Edge AI with the obligation-free take home 14-day trial to see if they are for you.

The team’s audiologists have 20 years of experience fitting hearing aids of all brands.

Ability Hearing and Balance is 100 per cent independent and Tasmanian owned.

For more information, phone 1300 EAR PRO (1300 327 776).

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