Public weighs in on Glenorchy CBD revitalisation

GLENORCHY residents and the broader community have shared their views on the new designs proposed for the revitalisation of Main Road Glenorchy, between Terry Street and Barry Street, which will inform the final details for the public space.

The aim of the revitalisation is to create a vibrant city centre, reflecting Glenorchy’s distinct character and to provide a place that is inviting for investors and customers and a great place to do business.

Glenorchy City Council asked people to share their thoughts and feelings about the proposals, with draft concept drawings and plans of the Main Road designs available to view online in a survey and in the council foyer during early October.

The Inspiring Place urban design team and council staff spoke with people face-to-face, erecting a pop-up exhibition on the council lawns, foyer and in Northgate shopping centre to share the designs and collect feedback.

Feedback was also sought from local businesses, council committees, Northgate, Metro, the Taxi Association and council staff responsible for maintenance in the street.

More than 300 individual responses were received, representing 78 per cent of residents in the Glenorchy municipality.

Overall, the feedback was positive, with the draft concepts garnering a high level of support.

On average, more than 75 per cent voted in favour of the proposed changes.

Of all of the feedback only 7.5 per cent, on average, “strongly disliked” the proposed changes.

The community expressed concerns about the reduction of on street parking, changes to traffic flow and the addition of new street trees.

There were also a number of respondents concerned with the lack of protected bicycle lanes and questions regarding the rates impact of the proposed changes.

Main Road businesses expressed concerns about the leaf litter and trip hazards created by tree roots and supported the focus on pedestrian friendly spaces.

When asked to rate the various proposed changes to Main Road 77 per cent survey respondents thought that the proposed changes were “important” or “very important”.

The single highest rated proposal was to “Make the road and footpath surface more even at pedestrian crossing points over Main Road”, with 92 per cent of respondents rating the change as “important” or “very important”.

Analysis of the survey results has provided a rich source of information for the development of the draft concept designs and suggested good overall support for implementation of the proposed designs.

Council will be considering the proposed final concept designs and accompanying recommendations at the 19 December Council meeting.


A range of survey responses are listed below:

“The garden in front of the council building is the nicest spot in the CBD so it would be great to encourage people to spend time there.”

“This looks great. I use the CBD a lot and know it well. I do a lot of my grocery shopping, op shopping, and larger shopping (e.g. home purchases) here. I do it because it’s convenient but not because I want to hang out here. I rarely stop for coffee, so (this) would be somewhere I would linger longer if it looked and functioned like this! Do it Council!!”

“Glenorchy CBD really does need a vibrant uplift. I think it’s important to maintain the parking spaces, but at the same, increase footpath and seating spaces on the Main Road.”

“I think encouraging public art and social projects people will develop a greater connection to the infrastructure which reduces rates of vandalism and neglect.”

“CBD needs a good clean up there’s no doubt about this…. make space liveable and attractive for small business i.e., pop-up café, arts, performance, coffee carts, food van, etc.”

“I am able-bodied but feel very unsafe using this crossing as it is, so many trip hazards and fast moving traffic.”


Caption: The future draft concept design as part of the revitalisation of Glenorchy’s CBD representing Main Road outside St Matthew’s Church.

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