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AN organisation dedicated to improving Tasmania’s adult reading, writing, numeracy and communication skills visited Northgate Shopping Centre to deliver the second stage of its project.

26TEN is a program that addresses the issue of low-level adult literacy in Tasmania by providing a number of services

26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs project coordinator Linda Evans said about one in two Tasmanians had difficulty in reading, writing or maths to a level that saw them struggle to get through daily life.

“There are three goals of 26TEN,” she said.

“The first is everybody knows about literacy and numeracy, the second is everyone is supported, and the third is everyone communicates clearly.”

Ms Evans said while the first stage of the project focused on raising awareness among individuals, the second stage was to engage businesses.

“We want to encourage them to promote the benefits of improved literacy in the workplace and in their business,” she said.

“We also want to build a community of practice, which is a group of people from businesses and community organisations who’ve come together to work collaboratively to address the problem of low-level literacy in the Glenorchy municipality.”

Ms Evans said the responses at the pop-up stall in Northgate were positive, with people curious to learn about 26TEN.

“I’d like people to feel comfortable and come up and say, ‘hey, I do need some help’ – it’s nothing to be embarrassed about, everyone’s here to help them,” she said.

26TEN has partnered with Libraries Tasmania to deliver these objectives.

Glenorchy Library literacy coordinator Tim Steel said the library offered a number of services to improve adult literacy.

“We want to provide the community with the knowledge and skills to meet their goals, so it’s not about what we want to teach you, it’s about what you want to learn,” he said.

“The library is a great place to come and get support, and knowing that there is this support that’s free of charge, people ready to help you gives people the knowledge and confidence to engage with learning.”

For more information, visit or phone 1300 002 610.

Caption: 26TEN Glenorchy LEARNs project coordinator Linda Evans, left, and Glenorchy Library literacy coordinator Tim Steel promote the benefits of adult literacy.

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