Planning scheme tweaks to tackle housing shortage

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With Tasmania remaining in the grip of a housing crisis, Glenorchy City Council is knuckling down to do its bit to ensure we as a planning authority support additional housing and ease housing stress.

Projections show that Glenorchy alone will need 300 new houses every single year just to meet demand.

So it’s critical we have planning schemes geared toward getting more housing out of the ground.

The council is proposing to amend its planning scheme to do just that. Specifically, we are targeting more infill developments in some CBD areas to allow apartment-style housing to be built above or behind shopfronts.

If we are serious about the tackling the housing shortage, we need to change the way we are approaching housing. We need planning schemes that support the development of more housing, and more diverse types of housing for people to live in.

The more houses we can build, the more pressure we take off existing housing stock in our suburban areas.

The proposed amendments align with local and regional planning policies, including projects under the Hobart City Deal.

The opportunity for infill housing close to shops, services and public

Local students take part in a previous ANZAC Day service in Glenorchy

transport also supports key objectives of the 30-Year Greater Hobart Plan and the infill targets of the Southern Tasmania Regional Land Use Strategy, as well as a number of objectives from the Greater Glenorchy Plan.

Plus, it gives residents the opportunity to live within walking distance of all the great restaurants, shops and services our city areas offer.

Importantly, the amendments will ensure we protect our CBD’s key assets while reinvigorating existing urban design standards and encouraging high-quality development, including apartments.

Apartments will need to be designed to reduce impacts from the non-residential uses such as noise and the movement of commercial vehicles, to make sure commercial activity remains the primary focus for this area.

Increasing the supply of well- located and well-designed housing is key to delivering on the Council’s Statement of Commitment on Housing by supporting more safe, liveable and affordable housing in the city.

In the current housing climate, it’s also just the right thing to do.

The amendments will soon go out for public comment and people are encouraged to provide feedback on the new planning controls. Council will carefully consider all comments received and send a report to the Tasmanian Planning Commission, which will make the final decision on the amendments.

Once the comment period starts, relevant landowners and occupiers will be notified and more information about the new controls and how to provide feedback will be available on

As always, I encourage you to have your say.

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