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A PROJECT by the Council on the Ageing (COTA) Tasmania is planning to spruce up a tired looking wall on Cooper Street in Glenorchy in 2021.

‘Piecing it Together’ is an intergenerational street art project that brings younger and older people together to break down the stereotypes around ageism.

The project challenges stereotypes about being younger and becoming older, promoting respect and understanding in our community.

COTA Tasmania launched a crowdfunding campaign to see the project come to life next year.

COTA Tasmania chief executive officer Sue Leitch launched the crowdfunding campaign in October alongside Mayor of Glenorchy Kristie Johnston.

“Cooper Street is looking a bit unloved and we would really love to activate the space and make it a place that people come together and appreciate the artwork created by younger and older people in the community,” Mayor Johnston said.

The aim of the project is to bring younger and older people together to reinvigorate blank spaces in the community with colourful street art, and create spaces for everyone to interact and appreciate as a visual reminder of the community spirit.

The project in Glenorchy will be the third project of its kind for Piecing it Together.

Ava Shultz and her grandfather were part of the second project where participants spray painted planter boxes depicting birds leaving the safety of their nests to step into the unknown and “taking a risk” to take flight – a theme identified by all participants as important throughout their own lives.

“I must be honest, before the program, I had mixed feelings about the idea,” Ava said.

“Older and younger generations often have contradicting ideas and opinions, but to see everyone contributing and moving the program along was amazing.”

To support the project, visit COTA Tasmania’s website at https://www.cotatas.org.au/programs/piecingittogether/.

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