Petition calls for increased waste collection

LABOR Member for Denison Ella Haddad has launched a petition for better waste collection services in the Glenorchy City Council area.

“When I was doorknocking during the recent state election campaign, I spoke with hundreds of people who told me the number one thing they wanted was better waste collection services in our suburbs,’ Ms Haddad said.

“Residents currently only have one small wheelie bin collected each fortnight.

“Not only is this not enough, it does seem unfair given that Hobart, Kingborough and Clarence have weekly rubbish collection – green waste is fortnightly in Hobart and monthly in Clarence.

“Residents in the northern suburbs should have something similar.

“People can pay about $100 a year for a bigger bin, but this is simply unaffordable for many of us.

“With the Council’s recent troubles now hopefully behind it, it’d be great if we could start bringing basic services such as this in line with the other councils.”

Glenorchy Mayor Kristie Johnston said waste management charges were a separate charge based on a user pays principal.

“Currently, Glenorchy residents are only charged for a fortnightly service and those residents who would like to upgrade to a weekly service can arrange this for an additional fee through Veolia,” she said.

“The reality is that an increase in frequency of services comes at a cost.

“If Council was to implement a universal weekly service, as proposed by Ms Haddad, then every ratepayer would incur the additional charge whether they want the service or not, placing additional financial stress on household budgets.

“Council has a detailed Waste Management Strategy that was developed through significant community consultation and can be found on our website under ‘Your Council’.

“It focuses on managing waste in an environmentally responsible manner across the municipality, while balancing the needs of our community and the increasing cost of service provision across not only Tasmania, but nationally.”

Glenorchy resident Melanie Perry was the first person to sign Ms Haddad’s petition.

“There’s only two of us and we struggle with it, I can’t imagine what it must be like for people with kids,” she said.

“The other problem is that if you miss a collection, that’s a month without your rubbish being taken away.

“Then it’s hard to catch up because the bins are so small as it is.

“It’s also the little things you don’t think about.

“The other week my dad brought us some fish he’d caught and instead of being able to eat it fresh, we had to freeze it because it was the day after bin day and we couldn’t have fish rotting in our bin for almost two weeks.

“If we had things like weekly collections as well as green waste and hard rubbish collections, it would make a big difference.”

Ms Haddad said her petition called on Council to provide weekly collection of household general rubbish bins, green waste bins for households, two hard rubbish collection nights a year and free tip access to Health Care Card holders.

Ms Haddad and volunteers will be knocking on doors over the coming weeks to give as many residents as possible the chance to add their names.

“This really is about getting a result for our local community, and I encourage anyone who wants to share it with their neighbours to contact me.

“I’ll send you some petition papers and if you could knock on a few doors – even if it’s just your street – that’d be amazing.

“We need as many people behind this as possible to make it happen.”

Residents can also sign the petition at

For more information on Glenorchy City Council’s Waste Management Strategy, visit

Caption: Glenorchy resident Melanie Perry, pictured left, and Labor Member for Denison Ella Haddad are calling for increased waste collection services in the City of Glenorchy.

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