MRC boat restoration makes a splash

Residents at the Migrant Resource Centre’s (MRC) accommodation have spent the past three months restoring a boat which has been installed at the MRC Accommodation and Learning Centre playground.

Donated by a volunteer, the old dinghy has been patched up, sanded and painted by the residents with guidance from members of the Wooden Boat Builders Guild.

“It was a good project, it taught them a lot of skills, and it has come up well,” Wooden Boat Builders Guild member Des Clark said.

“They couldn’t wait to work on it, they would come and grab the drill off you they were so eager.

“They are lovely boys and are going to be great citizens.”

MRC residents Magarsa and Padam said restoring the boat was a great experience that challenged them and taught them new skills.

“It was hard, especially in the heat, but the experience was really good,” Padam said.

The restoration was a great source of enjoyment and fun for the migrants as well, giving them an activity to do in the comfort of their accommodation.

“Some of us, when they don’t have school, just stay home, so this was a great thing to do,” Magarsa said.

“I am really happy to help the kids have fun.”

Upon completion the boat was painted by some of the children staying at the accommodation.

MRC is developing the playground further with a grand opening planned for April.

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About the Author: Tobias Hinds

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