Military museum to open doors on ANZAC Day

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THE Tasmania Military Museum is set to open its doors on ANZAC Day to those keen to learn more about Tasmania’s military history and why we commemorate the day.

ANZAC Day has long been a day of respectful commemoration of those who have served Australia in war and those who have lost their lives.

Every year thousands of residents brave the chilly April weather to attend dawn services across the northern suburbs.

Museum director and founder Ged Lagerewskij said the museum would be open from 6am and welcomed anyone to come along.

He said he hoped it encouraged northern suburbs’ residents to build a family tradition on ANZAC Day.

“I would love for people to attend their local dawn service, perhaps call into the RSL for a ‘Gunfire Breakfast’ then come along to the museum to continue their morning of commemoration before attending other parades or sitting down to watch the ANZAC Day footy,” he said.

“I think it would be fitting for people to round out a day of commemoration by visiting the museum, seeing the uniforms that these amazing men and women wore, the equipment they used and the stories they have passed on to us.”

Mr Lagerewskij said it was pleasing to see so much community support on ANZAC Day.

“To see the younger generations of Tasmanians make the effort to get out of their warm beds on a cold ANZAC morning is the mark of a truly respectful and united community,” he said.

“I think one of the real values of ANZAC Day is to openly discuss some of the mistakes from our military past, so we do not repeat them into the future.”

As a veteran, Mr Lagerewskij said it could be a complex day for generations of veterans.

“ANZAC Day can be an emotionally challenging day and there may be people out there who would prefer the intimacy of the museum to the crowds,” he said.

“When I was a young boy, ANZAC Day was more about the spectacle of decorated soldiers, war stories and marching bands.

“Today, the Last Post and Minutes Silence find me remembering my former colleagues, but I also can’t help but remember the amazing Iraqi, Afghan and Timorese people who I met, and who found themselves caught up in terrible wars.

“All ex or current serving Australian Defence Force personnel will be let into the museum for free this ANZAC Day as a mark of respect.”

The Tasmania Military Museum includes artefacts and stories from more than 100 years of military heritage in Tasmanian communities.

The museum will have free ANZAC biscuits, tea and coffee for those visiting on 25 April.

Caption: The Tasmania Military Museum will open its doors on ANZAC Day.

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