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A new $3.4 million regional play space featuring play equipment found nowhere else in Tasmania has officially opened at Giblins Reserve in Glenorchy.

Glenorchy City Council Mayor Bec Thomas said redevelopment of the reserve was funded with $2 million in Federal Government funding and $1.4 million in funding from the council.

“We have made this investment to create a play space that caters for a wide range of ages and abilities, making it a genuinely family-friendly area offering something for everyone,” she said.

“At the heart of this concept is the inclusion of a multi-use games arena which provides an outdoor space for older children, teenagers and adults to play basketball or futsal, complementing other nearby play areas which cater for younger children.”

Assistant Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Carol Brown said the Australian Government was committed to creating accessible regional spaces for all community members to enjoy.

“I’m thrilled the Giblins Reserve is an inclusive play space and provides something fun for everyone,” she said.

“We are proud to have contributed to a play space that all age groups can enjoy.”

Mayor Thomas said council recognised the need to construct a play space that caters for a wider range of abilities and ages.

“The We-Go Swing is specifically designed to be used by people in wheelchairs, which hopefully provides an extra element for those in our community who normally can’t access play equipment,” she said.

“Having safe and accessible spaces for people in our community to gather and have fun is a fundamental part of our civic planning. We want people to be able to enjoy our community and have access to local spaces that provide engaging entertainment and activity for local families.”

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