Lona celebrates 100 years of life

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GLENORCHY resident Lona Robinson has recently celebrated her 100th birthday.

Ms Robinson has lived a good portion of her life in Tasmania, growing up in Ellendale.

She went to school in Ellendale and moved down to Hobart in the 1930s.

Ms Robinson spent her life working hard and earning her keep, and believes in the value of good honest work, and that people will only get out of life what they put in.

Ms Robinson spent her days working mostly as a waitress in Hobart, and usually did more than her share of work, often managing the whole dining area.

After moving to Melbourne, she worked as head cleaner at the Royal Children’s Hospital, where she met Queen Elizabeth twice.

“It was a lovely experience, so beautiful,” Ms Robinson said.

“The Queen was always visiting the Children’s Hospital.”

Family is important to Ms Robinson, who has been married three times and has three children.

Her three sons all grew up to be successful in their respective careers and now all have their own children and grandchildren.

Her son, Eric Osborne, said boys run in the family.

“It took more than 40 years for our family to see a female child,” he said.

One of Ms Robinson’s sons sadly passed away seven years ago.

Ms Robinson enjoys spending time with her eight great-grandchildren, all of whom regularly visit her.

Despite her age, Ms Robinson is still highly active and lives by herself in Glenorchy.

Ms Robinson said her favourite thing to do these days was to go shopping and spend time in her garden.

“When we go shopping we go everywhere – we go to Northgate, town, across the river and to Kingston,” she said.

“I also like to go and see my family.

“It’s always nice to get out and about and be out of the house.”

Ms Robinson had a 100th birthday party at the Valern Hotel in Moonah, celebrating a century of life with all of her family and friends.

Relatives travelled from the mainland for the party.

“It’s been nice looking at all of the photos that were taken on the day,” Ms Robinson said.

“I can still remember all of the kisses I got.”

Ms Robinson received masses of cards for her birthday, including a card from Queen Elizabeth, former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and her beloved Richmond Football Club.

“All of the players signed the card from the football club,” Ms Robinson said.

“I haven’t had the time to read all of the cards yet, there are so many.”

Ms Robinson said her secret for a long healthy life was to never smoke and to never stress about anything.

“Things will always work out, there is no need for stress in your life,” she said.

Caption: Lona Robinson celebrated her 100th birthday in August this year.

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