Life-saving boost for Metro Football Club

MEMBERS of the Metro Football Club can take comfort in knowing that they now have a life-saving defibrillator on hand should they ever need it.

After assisting the club to secure funding to purchase the life-saving equipment, Liberal Member for Denison Elise Archer recently visited its premises to officially hand over the defibrillator.

Metro Football Club president Darrin Chaffey said when Ms Archer visited the club late last year, she noticed that it didn’t have a defibrillator machine.

“She suggested that we apply for a Premier’s Discretionary Fund (PDF) grant to help us with the cost,” he said.

“We have players in our club ranging from five-year-old’s playing in the junior league to senior players who are in their sixties.

“We also have varying ages of spectators, including many grandparents who come along to watch their grandkids play football.

“It’s just great to have the defibrillator here for peace of mind – just knowing that it is sitting there should we need it is fantastic, and we are so grateful to Elise, our local Member for Denison, who has helped make this happen.”

Cardiac arrest can happen to people of all ages and in many people, is sudden and without warning.

However, quick access to a defibrillator can increase the survival rate by as much as 80 per cent.

A defibrillator has the ability to restore the normal rhythm of the heart by sending an electrical signal, but time is of the essence.

“Today’s defibrillators are small, very easy to use and they can help keep someone alive while the paramedics are on their way,” Ms Archer said.

“Anyone can use them because the machine tells you what to do.

“Every minute between when a person experiences a cardiac arrest and when they can get access to a defibrillator is critical.

“Having this machine at the club could literally save someone’s life, if those circumstances arise.

“Much like an insurance policy, the members of the club can take comfort in having the defibrillator available, but hopefully it will never need to be used.”

Caption: From left, Metro Football Club president Darrin Chaffey with Liberal Member for Denison Elise Archer, Metro Football Club treasurer Janet Biggar and junior club members Matilda and Emmerson Wiggins.

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