Levelling up through isolation

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MOONAH local Luke Kingston’s love of gaming began at a young age with his first handheld Nintendo DS, and now the young gamer has started an inspiring journey to connect people both online and offline.

Luke considers himself a dedicated Nintendo fan and feels particularly drawn to the character of Mario.

He has been making YouTube videos for more than eight years under the name MRMARIO827 and has weekly live stream videos of various video games to a growing audience of 1000 fans.

Recently, the National Disability Insurance Scheme created a pathway for Luke to become more connected with his community and make new friends.

The plan was designed to incorporate his passion for video games and create opportunities for fun and engaging projects.

Luke was put in touch with Joel Imber from Create Crew, a Glenorchy based youth worker, musician and artist, and he became a mentor for the gamer as they developed ideas for Luke to reach out to his peers in his local community.

Last year, Luke and Mr Imber successfully filmed, edited and launched Luke’s first video game documentary titled ‘Our Gaming Lives’.

As part of the documentary, Luke went into the community and interviewed other gaming enthusiasts and discussed how they grew up playing video games and why they love them so much.

The success of the documentary led to more opportunities, and with a little planning and creative thinking, the pair secured sponsorship and a venue for an all abilities video game tournament.

The event was created with the intention to be a safe and fun environment for people with mixed abilities to play together.

However, COVID-19 put a halt on the launch, with the event having to be rescheduled until later in the year.

In the meantime, Luke continued to post new gaming videos on his YouTube channel, as well as using it to publish funny, engaging and silly videos with Mr Imber.

Luke filmed and edited the videos from his home using a greenscreen to change backgrounds and add an extra gimmick to his content.

“The greenscreen is great, as it allows you to be very creative, be yourself, be funny and build confidence,” Luke said.

He is considering taking the green screen to small events and sharing his abilities with others.

Mr Imber said he was impressed with how Luke had channelled his passion into these projects, which are benefitting others and helping Luke grow in confidence.

Luke said he would continue to seek opportunities to engage his audience and community with video creations and projects both online and offline.

“Staying connected and creative is really important and these projects will allow me to remain at the top of my game,” he said.

Caption: Luke Kingston from Moonah.

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