Lending Mother Nature a helping hand

DOMINIC College year six students have lent Mother Nature a helping hand by rehabilitating and reinforcing the banks of their school creek.

Running through the property since the school was established in the 1940s, the creek has played an essential role in supplying the native habitat and wildlife with water.

Dominic College teacher Barbara Moulton said the creek project formed part of an ongoing year-six science program, in which more than 300 native saplings were carefully planted, staked and protected to ensure their best chance of survival.

“It was a great effort from our year six students,” Mrs Moulton said.

“There was great team work, cooperation and hard work demonstrated by all.”

Assisting the students was the Understorey Network Group at Tolosa Park, an independent not-for-profit community organisation that promotes the protection of existing native vegetation and the use of local native understorey in revegetation.

The organisation runs field days and workshops to show people how to identify plants, collect seeds and grow seedlings for use in revegetation projects.

Dominic College principal Beth Gilligan said such science projects were invaluable in developing real world skills so students felt they could confidently tackle local and global environmental challenges.

“Application-based learning and fieldwork is central to developing understandings of environmental conservation and restoration,” she said.

“The College’s property at the foot of Mount Wellington spans nearly 30 hectares and provides a diverse natural environment for student engagement in science, as well as opportunities to explore environmental science.

“Understorey offers a quality program to both develop skills and shape attitudes about conservation within students.

“Tasmanian student are fortunate to have this kind of environmental leadership within our communities.”

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