Krispy Kremes for Motor Neurone Disease

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By Amelia Brady

Year nine student, Hilliard Christian School


THIS term at Hilliard Christian School, the grade nine and 10 class successfully completed a bible service project.

Students had to work in groups to research needs in the community and propose a course of action to help meet those needs.

I was in a group of four grade nine girls that decided to fundraise for Motor Neurone Disease (MND).

MND affects the nerve cells in your body, beginning with muscle weakness and eventually leading to paralysis, then later death.

The name of our group project was ‘K.K.F.M.N.D’, an abbreviation for ‘Krispy Kreme For Motor Neurone Disease.’

The reason as to why we chose this particular charity is the history we have with it.

A member of our group had a close family member that suffered from this disease and later passed away.

She experienced firsthand how horrible it can be.

In order to fundraise, we were communicating with the Krispy Kreme Fundraising Organisation so that we could deliver Krispy Kremes to our community members and hopefully reach our target.

With the school community being so small and close at Hilliard, we decided to keep our goal to something we knew would be achievable, hoping that we would surpass it.

We decided to aim for a money profit of $800.

With all of the advertising and planning, it was worth all the time we put in as in the end, we successfully reached our goal.

To advertise and promote fundraising for this fundraiser, we put up multiple update videos and image posts on the Hilliard Christian School Facebook page, put up posters all around the school and invited people to talk to their family members and friends about the fundraiser.

I am so proud of my group and very thankful for all of the support that we received from the community, as well as am grateful for all the money which was fundraised.

Not only did we receive a good amount of money to donate, but myself and the girls learnt more about service and the personal rewards that come with it.

All of us enjoyed the entire process of the project, but actually sending the money off to the foundation will certainly be the highlight.

Caption: Hilliard Christian School year nine students, from left, Ma Tin Tin, Amelia Brady, Karene Mpoyi and Amelia Bannister.

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