Jumping into animal husbandry

THE art of animal husbandry was the central focus for young Dominic College students when they attended the Festival of Bright Ideas as part of National Science Week.

During their visit, students attended a number of public demonstrations before conducting workshops on the handling of animals and creating entertaining activities for any young visitors.

Dominic College year 10 student Melanie Casboult said her Animal Husbandry elective had enabled her to study and help two miniature ponies.

Melanie said the college’s director of science K-10 Jane Myers had found the ponies in a paddock on their own.

“Melody has a white coat and her foal Sparky has a very fluffy black coat,” she said.

“Ms Myers approached the owners and asked if we could work with them.

“Our aim is to get both ponies use to being handled and to give them a nutritious diet to help them become healthier and put on weight, as Melody is quite skinny.

“Melody is a very protective mother of her three-month-old foal and only lets people that she trusts handle him.”

Melanie said the two ponies had come a long way with letting people handle them.

“They love it when you give them a treat, especially apples and carrots,” she said.

“We had the vet come to check on them both and I’m sure we will learn lots from them and vice versa.

“We are very lucky to have this opportunity at Dominic College.”

The Animal Husbandry elective program at Dominic College is for year nine and 10 students who choose an animal to manage, research and care for throughout their course.

Caption: Year 10 student Melanie Casboult talks to kindergarten students during Science Week at Dominic College.

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