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THE buzz around the playground said it all – school is back.

It is easy to hear the excited chatter of young people catching up with each other, meeting teachers and preparing for classes.

Hilliard Christian School captures the attention of students from kindergarten through to year 10, providing a “one-stop shop” for parents.

The school has a rich history that dates back over a century; it has long demonstrated that it can provide what families are seeking.

At the centre of learning at Hilliard Christian School stands the four core values of a Hilliard student – belonging, integrity, respect and perseverance.

The emphasis on these values fosters positive interactions between students, so it is no surprise that students look upon school as an extension of the family.

“It is a small school, but everyone is close like a family,” Hilliard Christian School year 10 student Karene Mpoyi said.

Another feature of Hilliard is the diversity, with students from many cultural backgrounds and year levels interacting together in harmony.

Students are encouraged to learn in an active, engaged context that fosters collaboration rather than competition.

The school runs a transition program in years five and six to prepare students for secondary school, allowing them to participate in technology classes working with wood, food and textiles.

This assists in providing a smooth transition from primary school for students continuing into the secondary school at Hilliard.

With passionate teachers working in comfortable classrooms, a full-size indoor basketball court to escape the winter rain and excellent technology resources available for students, all at affordable prices, why not give Hilliard Christian School a call?

After all, as Dr Seuss says: “You’ll be on your way up. You’ll be seeing great sights. You’ll join the highfliers who soar to high heights.”

Caption: Pictured left, year three student Samuel shares one of the stories he wrote in English with his teacher Mrs Jacobson. Pictured above, students Sehajpreet Kaur, Holinice Thoo and Eh Tal Nah.

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