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ALL dog owners listed on Glenorchy City Council’s dog registry should have by now received their dog’s registration renewal notices in the mail.

This is an annual reminder to renew your dog’s registration.

Under the ‘Dog Control Act 2000’, which is the Tasmanian law that governs the keeping of dogs, dogs aged six months and over must be registered with their local council.

Dog registrations must be renewed by the payment of the relevant registration fee for your dog by 31 July 2019.

Although you may register your contact details along with your dog’s microchip on a national database for extra identification of your dog, it is your dog registration with your local council that is mandatory under the Dog Control Act 2000.

Registering your dog greatly improves its chances of being reunited with you should your dog escape your property, but registration fees also provide for a range of other services.


This includes:


Animal Management Service:

If your dog escapes and is found, it can be identified, and you will be notified. In many cases, it may be returned back home rather than being taken to a pound.

Works to secure aggressive dogs from public places.

Manages and investigates dog attack incidents.

Investigates nuisance dog complaints.

Conducts regular property and licence inspections, as well as inspections into the keeping of dangerous and noisy dogs.


Animal Management After Hours Service:

If your dog escapes and is found outside of normal working hours, it is often only by the means of the council registration tag that the dog can be reunited with you.


Dog facilities:

Providing facilities in dog exercise areas such as bins and bags for dog waste, signage, fencing and patrols of the areas.


The registration fees were set by Council on 27 May 2019 and fees vary depending on the category of a dog.

The 2019/20 fees are available on the Glenorchy City Council website and are also printed on your registration renewal notice.

Please note that the standard registration fee applies for registrations that are renewed prior to 31 July 2019.

The overdue registration fee will apply for any registrations that are renewed after 31 July 2019.

If you have moved address or your dog has died or been given away since the last registration period, contact Council’s Customer Service Centre on (03) 6216 6800 and update those details.

Council adopts an intensive dog registration audit of the City, which usually commences in September.

Any dog found that is unregistered may result in its owner receiving a fine, and a further fine if the dog is not microchipped.

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