International flavours delight students’ appetities

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By Jeremiah Neya,  Hilliard Christian School


AFTER a challenging, but successful term, my 9/10 food tech class has learnt about international cuisines.

With the help of home economics teacher Mrs Matteo, we were able to learn new skills and complete the unit with a new understanding of international foods.

As someone who loves to eat, it was an easy choice to pick home economics as my elective, and I loved the food we cooked.

Mrs Matteo was a great cooking teacher and we have loved her time teaching us all about different international foods.

In saying that, we understand that cooking teachers don’t know everything about food, so this term we had four guest cooks from different cultural backgrounds come in and share with us how to create authentic dishes from their country.

Mr Patrick Segovia from Chile was our first guest and he showed us how to make an authentic chilli sauce to accompany a traditional dish called empanadas.

What I loved about this dish was the spiciness of the sauce and how good it tasted.

Even Mrs Matteo learnt some new skills and enjoyed the flavours.

Our next guest was Mr Luigi Bocchino and he showed us how to make Italian gnocchi and Napoli sauce like his mum taught him when he was younger.

He told us the homemade sauce could last for about 10 to 15 years, making many of the students, including myself, not want to eat the food.

However, we were reassured by Mr Bocchino that we would want more of the dish once we had finished.

He was right and the sauce was one of the best I have ever had – even if the tomatoes were 15 years old.

Mr Bocchino gave us a great lesson by sharing his life story and telling us that he was five years old when he started cooking.

Our guest from the Philippines, Mrs Michelle Estil, shared a sweet treat called mango float and it was so good.

It was sweet and tasty – I just wanted more.

However, the best part was that there was no need to cook anything.

We could not thank Mrs Michelle Estil enough for this wonderful experience.

Our final guests for the term were Navpreet and Lukwinder from India who showed us how to make the two Indian dishes of paratha and chilli cheese.

The dishes were very nice and it was great we got to taste homemade cheese.

Other countries we prepared food from were Spain, Greece and, of course, Australia.

It is my privilege to thank all the guests who came and gave us an authentic experience.

We absolutely loved your international cuisine dishes and learnt so much from the experience.

Caption: From left, Hilliard Christian School students Ilana Voss, Joyce Okumu, Chyanne Haley and Jeremiah Neya enjoy some of the delicious international cuisines on offer.


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