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THE young authors of The Bee Book can add another string to their bow after being named a finalist in the Ricoh Business Centre Hobart Community Group of the Year Award at the 2019 Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards presentation.

The nomination came off the back of a Bee Friendly Garden Grants round that the children set up with profits made from book sales.

Goodwood Community House manager Rachael French said The Bee Book was created by young people from the Goodwood community after the death of Fred House just before his 100th birthday in July 2017.

“Fred had been keeping bees for 93 years of his life and he was an important part of our community,” she said.

“We wanted to celebrate his 100th birthday after he passed away and we started running a school holiday program that focused on bee education.

“This culminated in the kids producing The Bee Book, with a guest publisher and editor teaching the kids how to edit a book, publish a book and make decisions around putting a storyline together.”

Since then, the children established Bee Literate Tasmania as a brand to promote bee education initiatives.

With the funds raised from the book, the kids were able to launch Bee Friendly Grants in March 2019, providing $200 to community gardens across Tasmania to develop bee-friendly garden elements.

Ms French said throughout the project and grant round, the children were given a wide understanding of potential pathways for life through various mentors.

“At every point they’ve had mentoring and conversations with adults, which has made them confident and now their word, opinion and contribution is more valued,” she said.

“The kids are just incredible, and they have learnt so much – they’re so empowered and confident in what they’ve achieved throughout this project.”

Nine-year-old Harry McLoughlin said The Bee Book and Bee Friendly Grants were about changing the perception that bees were bad because they stung you.

“The book was about bees and how important they are because if there are no bees, we wouldn’t have fruit and vegetables,” he said.

“During the project, I’ve enjoyed learning about all the different types of bees and what they do – it’s quite fun.”

The project will continue through the Goodwood Community Centre with younger kids starting to get involved.

Caption: From left, The Bee Book authors Elliot Vagg, Harry McLoughlin, Jove Mckenna, Amala Webb, Elissa Clark and Ryan Joseph with their 2019 Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards finalist trophy. Absent: Audrey Long and Ellie Kearnes.

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