Hilliard students explore emerging technologies

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By Amelia Brady

Year nine, Hilliard Christian School

AS part of an assessment on emerging technologies in the kitchen, Hilliard Christian School’s grade nine and 10 food design and technologies class received a demonstration from Felicity Knight from FlixThermomix on the usage of the TM5 Thermomix.

Ms Knight performed a clear and enjoyable demonstration to the whole class on 6 June with her own personal Thermomix, while also giving us the opportunity to have a go and jot down notes.

Ms Knight produced some delicious foods such as Brazilian cheese puff, bread rolls, mushroom risotto, strawberry and mango sorbet and mixed berry sorbet – all of this was prepared and finished within 50 minutes.

She talked about the different things that the incredible kitchen appliance could do from weighing your ingredients to cooking delicious meals for the entire family.

As an added bonus, all the different recipes could be made in minimal time.

This machine was a multi-purpose genius.

I found the capabilities of the machine and the different utensils that it came with to be the most compelling part, as it did so much and saved oodles of time.

Washing up and rinsing was also less of a hassle because it self-cleaned.

Who would have thought that mixing, blending, crushing, chopping and so much more could be included in one machine?

With technology advancing everywhere, Thermomix is just the beginning – the start of a whole new world in the cooking community.

We would like to thank Ms Knight for taking the time to cook and show us all the different ways you can utilise the Thermomix.

It was very much appreciated, and the presentation was not only educational, but also enjoyable and delicious.

We are grateful that the knowledge was shared with us to help with our assessment.

Caption: Felicity Knight demonstrating to the year 9/10 class.

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