Highlighting access issues in the City of Glenorchy

WHEELIE bins left out on footpaths for extended periods of time and cars parking over footpaths are two issues that have been highlighted by Glenorchy City Council’s Access Advisory Committee.

David Smith, of Moonah, is legally blind and said he usually had to step out on the road to get around cars and wheelie bins.

He said his biggest challenge was not being able to judge cars coming.

“I can see a car coming but I can’t judge the distance or the speed it is doing,” he said.

“Push bikes are an issue because I can’t see them and also can’t hear them, as they make no noise.

“It’s very annoying and inconvenient to not be able to walk along the footpath safely.

“Stepping off a kerb in an unfamiliar area can be very difficult, as it can be uneven and very easy to fall or twist an ankle.

“Blocks of units can be problems too as there will often be rows of about 10 bins to get past.”

Wheelchair-bound Patrick Eadington, of Glenorchy, said the main challenge for him was trying to find safe surfaces to pass on.

“Being on the road is too dangerous and it’s very difficult to find a suitable driveway to get back onto the path,” he said.

“Parking in a driveway but still across the footpath makes it harder for people with disabilities or people with prams to get around.

“It makes it 10 times harder than it normally would be.

“Sometimes it’s virtually impossible to get past if people park across the footpath for long periods of time.”

Both men urged drivers to be considerate and park on the road if there was no room in the driveway, so people could get past the vehicle without endangering themselves on the road.

They also encouraged people to ask if neighbours could bring in their wheelie bins or ensure they bring them in as soon as they get home from work.

They urged people to not leave their wheelie bins out for days.

The Access Advisory Committee, made up of Alderman Dunsby, a Council staff member and community members, provides advice and feedback on access issues and concerns.

It also offers Disability Awareness Training to Council officers, elected officials and other identified groups where appropriate.

Caption: Patrick Eadington, left, and David Smith highlight the most prominent access issues in the City of Glenorchy.

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