Gym junkie June inspiring all around her

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June Pfister is keeping fit by attending up to eight gym classes a week, proving that age is no barrier to achieving your fitness goals.

June, who turned 90 on 15 June, has been attending All About Fitness for the past 20 years – and doesn’t plan on stopping any time soon.

By engaging in a variety of group exercise classes, June has been able to improve her strength, flexibility and cardiovascular health.

“Ever since I moved to Derwent Waters I have been coming,” June said.

“Monday, we do two hours. Tuesday, we used to do an hour. I used to do boxing, but I don’t do that at the moment because I’ve damaged my arm.

Then on Wednesday I do aquarobics. Thursday, I work out for about three hours … it keeps me occupied.”

June loves the sense of community the classes build and enjoys spending time with her classmates.

“The company that is here, you get to know people. I enjoy it. I talk to them all,” June said.

June’s commitment to exercise is an inspiration to many, including her coach and All About Fitness owner Paul Hamilton.

“She just exemplifies the spirit of fitness and determination,” Mr Hamilton said.

“She was one of the first participants in the group and as the groups grew and the classes increased June joined them all. “She does between seven and eight classes a week. It’s amazing, it really is.”

Mr Hamilton said June’s ability to know her limits is something everyone can learn from, and she always bounces back from any hardship.

“You can’t help but be inspired by her,” he said.

“When she does have a little setback, she uses common sense and takes the lesser options or sits herself down.

“And then she seems as though she just bounces back. It just defies her age.”

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