Granton land carer wins national award

GRANTON resident and passionate land carer Amanda Cole has recently been announced the winner of the Australian Government Individual Landcarer Award.

The award recognises an individual volunteer who carries out and promotes Landcare through practical on-ground or community awareness activities.

For the past nine years, Ms Cole has shared responsibility of managing the Understorey Network (USN), an independent non-profit organisation that helps to promote, preserve, protect and rehabilitate native vegetation.

Logging more than 1000 hours of volunteer work since 2006, she has also played an integral part in developing the Tolosa Community Nursery and Native Plant Display Garden council nursery.

Ms Cole, who was selected from a pool of national nominees, said she was “surprised and completely humbled” to be announced the 2015 winner.

“I was very humbled because I thought there must have been many people in Tasmania who were worthy of the award,” she said.

“People don’t get involved in community work to gain awards and be recognised for their contribution.

“However, now that I have been given this award, I am pleased about the recognition it has brought to the volunteers at USN and Tolosa Nursery.”

Franklin MP Rosalie Woodruff congratulated Ms Cole on her award, describing her as the type of person who worked hard to care for the environment, while at the same time helping others to do the same on a voluntary basis.

Ms Cole said one of her greatest contributions was her work at Tolosa Nusery, which offered a “unique opportunity” for people to get involved in Landcare.

“It is great to be a part of a unique Landcare venture in which the volunteers share a wonderful camaraderie while doing something constructive and valuable,” she said.

“I think the best thing about Landcare is the bottom-up philosophy, through which it is the community members who drive the movement.

“It is the members who truly care for their environment that work hard to make those who have legislative power take notice that caring for the enviroment is an important issue.”

Mr Cole said she hoped her award would encourage volunteers at Tolosa Nursery to continue their valuable work.

“Hopefully, the award will have the effect of making all the volunteers further believe that they are doing something worthwhile and that their good work is being recognised,” she said.

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