Grandparents provide the answers – not Google

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MEMBERS from the Glenorchy School for Seniors took students from Glenorchy Primary School on a journey through the past during an educational program called ‘Ask Gran, Not Google’.

Held at the Glenorchy Library, the initiative was part of Glenorchy Primary’s learning unit that delves into the history of toys and games.

Students were given demonstrations from three seniors who all had different experiences of toys and games when growing up.

“One lady had taught in Fiji for 37 years and brought along a collection of things she had from those times,” Glenorchy School for Seniors chairperson Guila Kelly said.

“Another lady grew up in Switzerland and brought the games she used to play with.

“The third speaker was a nanny in America, and she spoke about the games she used to play with the children over there.”

The students were then paired off with senior members to read books and try to narrow the gap between generations.

Mrs Kelly said they were trying to teach children that not everything could be learnt from a computer.

“Human relations, kindness, empathy, just being a human – a lot of the young ones coming through these days don’t get that,” she said.

“We want to show them who we are and what we do, and that getting old isn’t a bad thing.

“It makes me feel really good to see things that we do with the children being continued on and they’re not just left to their own devices.”

Glenorchy Primary School teacher Liane Crowley said she hoped this experience would help build community relations between the students and seniors.

“Because a lot of the kids here are young, their grandparents are also quite young, so by meeting these seniors in the community they’re finding out things they never knew about,” she said.

Grade three student Zayne Bryce said he found the stories from the older generation “really interesting and lots of fun.”

“Their experiences were really different than I thought it would be,” he said.

“My favourite game was the one with marbles going down a wooden ramp.”

Caption: Seniors Ruth Shorten, back left, and Maureen Costello with Glenorchy Primary School students, from left, Aliette Nishimwe, Isabella Whitney, Lily Wrigley and Zayne Bryce.

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