Goodwood residents road safety victory

GOODWOOD residents are celebrating a resolution to the long-standing road safety issue at the Brooker Highway overpass, which provides limited pedestrian access to the Goodwood Primary School.

Liberal Member for Denison and Speaker of the House of Assembly Elise Archer, recently arranged a site visit where Infrastructure Minister Rene Hidding detailed plans for improvements to local campaigner, Goodwood resident Donna Cowen.

Minister Hidding said that works were scheduled to start this summer on a controlled intersection with pedestrian lights to replace the traffic-only Howard Road roundabout on the Brooker Highway.

After seeing the plans and discussing them with Minister Hidding and Ms Archer, Mrs Cowen said she was thrilled with the solution and thanked Ms Archer for her lobbying efforts on behalf of the community.

“It has taken 20-odd years to make this area safer for pedestrians and I am so happy because it will mean we won’t have to play chicken with the traffic anymore,” she said.

“These plans look fantastic. This is what we have been fighting for and we couldn’t have done it without Elise.”

Ms Archer said she was just as excited, having pushed for improvements at the pedestrian black-spot for the past decade, first as a candidate and now as the local member.

“The current pedestrian overpass across the highway outside the Goodwood Primary School has stairs rather than ramps which limit its users,” she said.

“It makes it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for people with mobility issues, people living with disabilities, those with prams, the elderly and cyclists to use, forcing them to cross the highway at road level, which can be incredibly dangerous.’’

Ms Archer and Mrs Cowen said they agreed that the changes would also improve the feeling of connectivity between the Goodwood community, the local primary school and wider Glenorchy municipality.

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