Glenview cow needs a name

By Glenview Community Services

FOR those who travel along Glenorchy’s Main Road, you may have noticed a friendly cow greeting passers-by from the gardens of Glenview Community Services.

She’s a festive old girl, known to sport fancy green spots for St Patricks Day, a Santa hat and tinsel for Christmas and a trademark pair of bunny ears every Easter.

There’s no doubt our cheery cow is hard to miss, but few know the truth behind how she came to call Glenview home.

Legend has it she was once a prize-winning show cow with more grace than a ballerina and a coat smoother than a baby’s bottom.

They say that after winning all there was to win, she grew tired of the sub-par competition and begun her quest for a comfortable place to spend her older years.

She had been travelling for a few days when she stumbled upon a glorious farm with endless green fields of happy cows, hens and pigs.

“This is it,” she thought.

But it was not long before she realised the farm life was just not for her. After all, she was a prize-winning cow and quite frankly, the company on the old farm left her bored and unfulfilled.

Distraught and with her confidence shattered, she continued on.

Across the country she travelled, from coast to coast without any luck at all, until one day her fortunes changed forever.

While strolling through Glenorchy on route to her famous pastures of the Huon Valley, a friendly face invited her in for a nice bowl of grain.

Entering the grounds of Glenview, she had never felt so welcome in all her life.

Intellect beyond her species, the company of wonderful staff, volunteers and residents all made Glenview the perfect place to call home.

Our friendly cow has spent years with us now, but we’ve never really known what to call her. She’s had dozens of show names from Snowflake to Twinkle Toes, but nothing to properly address her by.

This is just not on, as everyone deserves a name. To show her our love and make her really feel like one of us, we’ve decided to host a competition, giving her a proper title once and for all.

And who better to decide than her own community?

The power to name our beloved Glenview cow could be all yours. Simply log on to the Glenview Community Services Facebook page and comment your best ideas on our competition post.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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