Glenorchy welcomes new organic waste collection service

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GLENORCHY residents will soon be able to recycle food scraps and garden waste with Glenorchy City Council set to introduce a fortnightly Food Organics, Garden Organics (FOGO) waste collection service next year.

The decision follows an extensive research and consultation process undertaken by Council in late 2018, with nearly 90 per cent of the 1,300 residents involved indicating that they thought the introduction of a FOGO service was “important” or “very important.”

Beginning next year, residents will be given a 240-litre wheelie bin for any organic waste.

This includes:

  • Food scraps – vegetables, seafood, dairy, meat and bones (cooked or raw), teabags, coffee grounds and egg shells.
  • Lawn waste – grass clippings, leaves, bark, twigs and weeds.
  • Shredded paper, paper towels, paper napkins and tissues.
  • Food-contaminated cardboard (e.g. pizza boxes with food on them).
  • Personal cuttings – hair and nails.
  • Animal waste – such as organic kitty litter and soiled paper from bird cages.

In addition to the 240-litre bin, each household will also be provided with a seven-litre lidded kitchen caddy and a 12 months’ supply of compostable liner bags.

Glenorchy Mayor Kristie Johnston said the introduction of the new service was an exciting development for Glenorchy ratepayers, and followed on from the recent upgrade of recycling wheelie bins to 240 litres in 2017.

“Council’s research revealed almost half of our residents used some form of additional service to manage their organic waste,” she said.

“This service will provide a convenient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of organic waste, significantly reducing the amount of waste going to landfill and providing additional waste collection capacity to our residents.

“FOGO bins will be collected fortnightly on the off week after normal rubbish collection.

“This will achieve the weekly rubbish collection service our residents have been asking for in a smart and sustainable way, encouraging residents to separate their waste and reducing the amount going to landfill.

“Council has undertaken extensive consultation with our community in coming to this decision, which we now know is delivering an important service that our ratepayers want and have asked for.”

Currently in Glenorchy, more than 50 per cent of general waste collection (which goes to landfill) is made up of FOGO waste.

This equates to more than 4000 tonnes of waste a year.

Additionally, around 3000 tonnes of garden waste is brought to landfill by residents each year.

Mayor Johnston said the FOGO collection service would divert all this waste from landfill, saving space and reducing greenhouse emissions.

Council will consider the fees and charges associated with the introduction of the new services as part of its 2019/20 Budget.

For additional information on FOGO, including frequently asked questions, visit

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