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THE team at Glenorchy Health and Fitness know the importance of exercise in the battle to beat diabetes.

With one Australian diagnosed with type 2 diabetes every eight minutes, there has never been a better time to get walking and start on the path to a healthier workplace and a healthier you.

Glenorchy Health and Fitness owner Kristy Johnson encouraged everyone to get on board with Diabetes Australia’s Walk to Work Day, as it could be the first step towards beating diabetes.

“Every day clients come into our gym because they have health and wellbeing goals they want to achieve,” she said.

“We want people to know that something as simple as walking is a great way to start improving your own health.

“Walking to meetings, walking to and from work, taking a walk at lunchtime and using the stairs instead of the escalator or elevator are just some of the ways you can start.”

Now in its 19th year, Walk to Work Day encourages employees and employers to build walking into their everyday lives – not just on Friday 6 October, but every day.

Diabetes Tasmania chief executive officer Caroline Wells said while family history and cultural background played a strong role in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, this was greatly increased if people were inactive, sedentary or overweight.

“With around six Tasmanians developing diabetes every day, it is the single biggest challenge facing our health system,” she said.

“Walking is one of the best ways to help people reduce their risk of developing type 2 diabetes, as well as help to manage their condition.”

Ms Wells said employers could play an important role in encouraging staff to build walking into their daily routine.

“Employees who walk regularly are generally more productive, have less stress and are less likely to be sick or absent,” she said.

Pedestrian Council Chairman Harold Scruby said taking positive steps to reduce sedentary behaviour and prevent type 2 diabetes could also reduce other risk factors such as stroke, heart disease and various types of cancer.

“Let’s not make any more excuses – no more ‘due to a previous engagement’,” he said.

“Most of us can walk at least one kilometre to and from work, set the alarm 30-minutes earlier and create a great example for all Australians.

“Regular walking helps relieve feelings of depression or anxiety and improves our environment by reducing car dependency and traffic jams – best of all, walking is free.”

For more information, to donate or fundraise for Diabetes Australia, visit

Caption: From left, Grace Radcliffe, Deb Edge, Sarah Cullen, Sharlai Watson, Fran White and Glenorchy Health and Fitness owner Kristy Johnson are all gearing up for Walk to Work Day on Friday 6 October.

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