“Full Gear” ahead for young bikers

SIX young Chigwell residents are now fully geared, licensed and ready to ride after participating in an innovative motorbike and road safety program.

Funded by the Department of State Growth’s Community Road Safety Grants program and delivered over eight-weeks, the Full Gear program was initiated to address the issue of nuisance trail bike riding in the community.

It saw the group plan and participate in a series of road safety workshops before completing a pre-learner motorbike license course through the Driver Education Centre of Australia.

Glenorchy City Council commissioner Sue Smith said the Glenorchy Council was proud to be one of the program partners supporting young people in the municipality.

“Creating a safe, inclusive and active community was a goal clearly identified in the City of Glenorchy Community Plan 2015-2040,” she said.

“Programs such as Full Gear are important in creating opportunities for people of all ages to connect, support and make lives better.”

In an effort to get young people to think about what being safe on the road means, the Full Gear participants designed a road safety awareness campaign named Embrace the Race, Just be Safe.

Posters, stickers and hoodies were printed to promote the slogan and the group hosted a number of road safety activities and giveaways during the recent Chigwell Community Fair.

“Road safety is something that impacts on everyone and it’s wonderful to see these young people taking an active role in creating awareness around this issue,” Commissioner Smith said.

“The participants in the program displayed great initiative and leadership skills in developing the awareness campaign, which was one of the reasons why the program was so successful”.

All members of the Full Gear program received awards for their commitment and contributions to the program.

The Full Gear program was run in partnership between the Department of State Growth, Neighbourhood Watch Tasmania, Glenorchy City Council and Bucaan Community House.

Caption: A group of young motorbike riders have helped raise road safety awareness in the local community by participating in the eight-week “Full Gear” program.

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