FOGO bin collection proposal for Glenorchy

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GLENORCHY City Council is currently seeking community feedback on the possible introduction of Food-Organic and Green Organic (FOGO) bins as part of the review of its ‘Waste Management Strategy 2013-2023.’

Glenorchy City Council general manager Tony McMullen said one important project was to investigate the feasibility of introducing a FOGO bin collection service.

“The introduction of this bin relates to the food and garden waste that we dispose of,” he said.

“Currently, about 8000 tonnes of general waste is collected from Glenorchy households each year and sent to landfill.

“As per Council’s waste bin audits, more than half of all this waste is made up of food organics and green organics.

“In landfill, not only does this organic waste take up space, it also quickly releases methane gas into the atmosphere, which is about 25 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

“Council is investigating the introduction of a FOGO bin collection to divert this waste from residents’ garbage bins and treat it at a facility which will turn the waste into compost.

“Some advantages of FOGO bins include providing residents with a bin for green waste and providing a composting service for people who are unable to do it at home or have difficulty aerating their compost.

“The introduction of FOGO bins will also conserve organic resources and nutrients by returning them to the soil, conserve space in landfill and significantly reduce the production of methane.”

To help Council to decide on the feasibility of an additional bin service, it is asking all residents to fill out an survey relating to providing a FOGO bin collection service in the Glenorchy municipality.

More information on FOGO – and a link to the survey – can be found on the Glenorchy City Council website at

The survey is also available at Council’s customer service desk and a stall located in the Council chambers building.

Caption: From left, Glenorchy City Council consultant project manager (waste services) Killian Halpin and Glenorchy resident Heetham Hekma.

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