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AS part of Anti-Poverty Week, renowned educator and YouTube influencer Eddie Woo made a special visit to Claremont College to connect with students and staff and highlight the importance of education in changing life outcomes.

Mr Woo met with students over breakfast before giving a presentation based on his famous math tutorials.

As a classroom teacher at Cherrybrook Technology High School and leader of mathematics growth for the New South Wales Department of Education, Mr Woo said he wanted to show the students a different side to mathematics.

“I want to give people a new perspective on math and help them think about it in a positive way – it’s something that can actually be really powerful once understood,” he said.

“The time and effort put into mathematics is so worth it because it helps people understand the world better, it helps them have the skills to navigate a job or understand their own finances, and also helps them function in the world effectively.”

Recognised as one of the top 10 teachers globally in 2018, Mr Woo has a YouTube channel with more than 600,000 subscribers where he talks about the importance of mathematics and education.

“Education is absolutely the gamechanger for a child, a community and a family to be able to flourish in the world,” he said.

“It’s often hard to access education, but the less education you have, the more you are locked into a cycle of generational poverty and disadvantage.

“To be able to interrupt that and alter the trajectory of one’s life by giving them an educational foundation that allows them to access job opportunities, understand bills and get a loan, that can set them up for life and that’s really powerful.

“Education is the glue that makes society function and can help it grow, so as a culture we need to really value and see the worth of that.”

Caption: Mathematics educator Eddie Woo, middle, with Claremont College students Riley Adams and Haley Nicholson.

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